WHAT is Dynavin 8 Premium?

The new Dynavin 8 Premium has a high quality sound processor. The Premium Sound System is a sound processing system developed and tested by Dynavin GmbH over three years and finally integrated into the Dynavin 8 Premium platform. This sound system circuit consists of two 2 x 100W Class D amplifiers and a professional DSP processor for the car.

WHAT does the Premium Sound System bring to the user?

Advanced digital sound processing (DSP) makes the most out of stock and aftermarket sound systems. The Premium Sound System includes DSP and a 16-band parametric EQ for precise frequency correction and built-in adjustable crossovers to send the correct frequencies to the correct speakers. For many models we have already done extensive sound analysis for the specific vehicle and can provide an optimized tune.

WHAT is Dynavin 8 Premium Flex?

The Dynavin 8 Premium Flex is also based on the Dynavin 8 Premium platform, so like the Dynavin 8 Premium, the Dynavin 8 Premium Flex also integrates the Dynavin Premium Sound System. So in terms of sound quality, it is just as good as the Dynavin 8 Premium. The Dynavin 8 Premium Flex makes the price more flexible by allowing consumers to decide which features they’d like to pay to activate after the trial period such as Z-link (for Carplay, Wireless Carplay, Android Auto, Wireless Android Auto and Smartphone mirroring), Google Playstore (which allows you to install and use third-party apps) and offline navigation software. Please visit flex.dynavin.com for the activation prices and instructions. However, unlike the Dynavin 8 Premium, the Dynavin 8 Premium Flex uses a built-in Double radio tuner instead of the built-in Triple radio tuner of the Dynavin 8 Premium, so compared to the Dynavin 8 Premium, the Premium’s FM signal reception will be slightly inferior. In terms of internal storage, the Dynavin 8 Premium includes 64GB of internal storage and the Dynavin 8 Premium Flex includes 32GB of storage. Users can purchase an additional 128GB of storage to expand the internal storage capacity.

WHAT is Dynavin 8 Plus?

In cars with standard audio systems or cars where the original speakers do not support high power amplifiers, adding additional high power digital amplifiers will cause sound distortion. So with the Dynavin Plus platform, we replaced the high power digital amplifier of Dynavin 8 Premium with a 4 x 45W amplifier coupled with the DSP hardware of the Premium Sound System makes the Dynavin 8 Plus product an excellent choice for outstanding sound quality and rich in-car tuning features.

WHAT is the difference between Dynavin 8 Premium | Dynavin 8 Premium Flex | Dynavin 8 Plus | Dynavin 8 Pro ?

WHAT is the difference between Dynavin 8 Premium | Dynavin 8 Premium Flex | Dynavin 8 Plus | Dynavin 8 Pro ?