Dynavin 9, A German Car Radio

After over two years of development, Dynavin launched a new generation of car multimedia and navigation system, called Dynavin 9, in March 2024. It is considered one of the most innovative aftermarket automotive multimedia and navigation products on the market. Let’s take a look at the highlights of Dynavin 9.

The Head-up Display of Dynavin 9

To enhance driving safety, Dynavin 9 equips users with a Head-up Display. This Head-up Display is a 1.4-inch round LCD developed specifically for the Dynavin 9 radio. You can mount it on your dashboard or windshield, and it will display time, date, altitude, navigation information along with vehicle speed and Blitzer.de speed camera information. Simply glancing at the Head-up Display while driving will give you access to the important information you need.

High specification hardware

The Dynavin 9 Premium, equipped with a 4-core CPU, up to 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of onboard storage space, ensures not only a smooth and flawless operation of the Android 11 OS, but also a seamless performance of features like CarPlay, wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, and navigation software.

Premium sound system

Advanced digital sound processing (DSP) makes the most out of stock and aftermarket sound systems. The Premium Sound System includes DSP and a 16-band parametric EQ for precise frequency correction and built-in adjustable crossovers to send the correct frequencies to the correct speakers. For many models we have already done extensive sound analysis for the specific vehicle and can provide an optimized tune.

What is Dynavin 9 Premium Flex?

Unlike the Dynavin 9 Premium, the Dynavin 9 Premium Flex offers more flexibility in terms of budget. After purchase, Z-Link and Dynapp-Pack come with a 31-day trial period. After the trial period, a paid activation is required to continue using them. For the functions of Z-Link and Dynapp-Pack, please see the table below:

Difference between Dynavin 9 Premium, Dynavin 9 Premium Flex and Dynavin 9 Plus