iGO Primo navigation software

All Dynavin multifunction systems are delivered with the iGO Primo navigation software. The software is located on an 8GB MicroSD card, which is inserted into the dedicated card slot (N7 platform). The map material includes maps from 46 countries in Europe.

Destination guidance

For TTS version: TTS function (Text to Speech), announcement of street names

Truck version for caravan and commercial vehicles: The software adapts the route to your vehicle dimensions (W x H x D)

Tunnel view: To avoid distracting the driver, the program shows the tunnel interior view

Lane assistant: Helps the driver to find the right lane before turning

Real display of road signs

Speed warning

Voice instructions in 28 languages

Traffic signs are displayed with additional information

Display of the next two maneuvers

Sound dimmer

While a navigation announcement is playing, the background music is turned down gently.

TMC / Traffic jam messages

When using navigation, the TMC signals provide you with important traffic information via the radio station. This includes traffic jams, accidents or other important traffic information. The navigation software uses these to recalculate or adjust routes. With the new platform it is no longer necessary to install an additional TMC antenna, because this is also picked up by the radio antenna.

Destination search

Extensive search options (e.g. along the route / on the map)

Optional or supplied depending on the system: Truck version with camping and parking spaces

Expected delivery time: 3 days

iGO Primo Operating Instructions

iGO Primo FAQ

We recommend that you make a backup of your navigation software SD card. Should you later have problems with the card, you have the possibility to solve them yourself.
Here’s how you do it:

1 – Create folder on desktop

Create a new folder on your desktop with the name “My Navigation Card” on your PC

2 – Insert navigation Micro SD card

Insert the Micro SD card into the SD card adapter and connect it to the computer

3 – Copy all file from SD card to desktop folder

Copy all files inside your removable storage device (navigation SD card) and paste them into your created “My Navigation Card” folder (this may take several minutes)

It is explained in this Youtube Video .

It is explained in this Youtube Video .

1. Out of memory – Troubleshooting:

Delete the Save folder on the SD card. The error is then corrected. However, please note that all destinations you have entered so far and other navigation settings will be reset.

2. Invalid license – error correction:

A license error occurs when an attempt is made to copy the SD card to another card. This does not work and leads to the license error.

3. Fatal Error – Troubleshooting:

In case of a Fatal Error please send us the card with a note on the error message. We will analyze and correct the error.

The TTS (text to speech) function is the announcement of street names.
For example, the navigation announcement without TTS would ask you to turn right in 50 m, while the announcement with TTS
would tell you “turn right in 50 m into Siemens Street”.

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