Dynavin DAB antenna glass adhesive antenna / window antenna


  • DAB/DAB+ is the highest level of quality transmission you can get from your broadcaster, and with advantages such as surround sound and enhanced with advantages such as surround sound and enhanced multimedia support, it really is a better alternative compared to FM transmission.
    The Dynavin DAB receiver and DAB antenna can receive DAB signals properly in most European regions and meet the requirements of most people. However, for those areas where DAB coverage is not as good or for consumers who require high quality DAB reception, we recommend this high gain, easy to install DAB antenna: DVN-DABANT-H
  • Glass adhesive antenna/window antenna with the following features:
    – Indoor mounting
    – Operating voltage: 12 Volt, 15 mA
    – Gain: DAB+: 9dB
    – Gain: L-Band: 0dB (passive)
    – Phantom power 12 volt – Width: 52.5 cm cable
  • Antenna:
    – Cable: RG 174, 2.5 meters with SMB socket
  • Note: The antenna must be glued vertically with a minimum distance of 5 mm to metal for optimal reception.


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