Dynavin’s authorized distributor (the Distributor) warrants this equipment to be free from defects in material and workmanship, subject to the following conditions.


1. the Dynavin consumer warranty is valid to all countries listed in this certificate for a period of one (1) year from the date of first shipment.

2. should the product fail to function properly during the warranty period, the authorized Dynavin retailer or an authorized Dynavin service center will restore the unit to proper working order without charge for labor and materials.

3. this warranty is granted only if the original sales receipt and/or warranty certificate (completed in full) is presented to the authorized Dynavin retailer or Dynavin service center. Dynavin reserves the right to refuse free warranty service if the information on these documents is incomplete or illegible.

4. distributor’s obligations are limited to either repairing or replacing the defective product at its option.

5. all repair work under this warranty must be performed by an authorized Dynavin retailer or service center. The cost of repair work performed by non-authorized repairers will not be reimbursed, and should such work damage the product, such damage is not covered by this warranty.

6. this warranty does not apply to equipment operated in any trade or business or used for industrial or commercial purposes.

7. this warranty applies only to defective materials or workmanship and specifically does not cover:

– periodic inspections, maintenance, cleaning or rebuilding, nor the replacement of wearing parts;

– Damage caused by accidents, negligence, modifications, use of third-party components, improper use, improper connections or packaging;

– Damage caused by power surges, water, fire, acts of war, public disturbances, improper line voltage, improper ventilation, or other causes beyond the control of the distributor;

– Speakers that have been operated with overload compared to that for which they were designed;

– Products with altered, erased, missing or illegible serial numbers;

– Failure to follow instructions in the user manual, and failure to heed warnings in the relevant manual(s) or other relevant documentation.

8. The Distributor shall not be liable for any damage to data carriers of any kind or other software and equipment used in connection with the Product.

9. this warranty is valid for any person who has legally purchased the device within the warranty period.

10. this warranty is the sole remedy of the purchaser. Dynavin is not responsible for any repair and, replacement costs, damage or loss directly or indirectly related to the malfunction of the equipment.

11. This warranty applies only to equipment purchased in Germany.

12. This warranty is in addition to any statutory or other rights of the buyer. It does not affect any warranty terms and conditions granted to the buyer in the country of purchase in addition to this warranty.