VW Skoda OEM lane assist retention adapter for Dynavin radio


  • Retains driver assistance function when upgrading to a Dynavin radio.
  • Retains lane assistance and traffic sign recognition.
  • Displays road signs and speed limits in the car’s instrument cluster.
  • Plug and play, no cutting wires required.


Recommended Retail Price (RRP)

Year(s)MakeModelAdditional Info
since 2017VOLKSWAGENCrafter SZ/SY-
since 2012VOLKSWAGENGolf 7-
since 2014VOLKSWAGENGolf 7 Sportsvan-
since 2016VOLKSWAGENPassat B8-
2014-2017VOLKSWAGENPolo5 6C-
since 2018VOLKSWAGENPolo6 AW1-
since 2019VOLKSWAGENT-Cross (C1)-
since 2018VOLKSWAGENT-Roc A11-
since 2016VOLKSWAGENTiguan2 AD1-
since 2016VOLKSWAGENTouran 5T-
since 2018VOLKSWAGENArteon 3H-
since 2014SKODAFabia3 NJ-
since 2018SKODAKaroq NU7-
since 2017SKODAKodiaq NS7-
since 2012SKODAOctavia3 5E-
since 2016SKODARapid NH1-
since 2015SKODASuperb3 3V-
since 2018SKODAKaroq NU7-
since 2018SKODAKodiaq NS7-
since 2018SKODAArteon 3H-

Retention of driver assistance function lane keeping assistance.

Retention of driver assistance function trac sign recognition.