The perfect upgrade for VW Touran 2006-2011 with Dynavin Pro Platform

Navigation system for VW Touran with 10.1-inch touchscreen, DAB/DAB+ tuner included, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support

DX-V-DF16 Pro

  • Premium 10.1″/16:9 LCD capacitive touchscreen display (1024 x 600 resolution).
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatible with included iLink Pro USB dongle.
  • CANBUS solution integration (for steering wheel controls, vehicle settings, vehicle information, parking sensor and air con information).
  • Bluetooth for audio streaming and hands-free phone calls via any smartphone (Android, Apple, etc.). External microphone included.
  • FM RDS TMC tuner with DSP noise masking and 15 preset stations, DAB/DAB+ tuner included. Supports switching back and forth automatically between DAB and FM (Seamless Blending).
  • Integrated Sound DSP processor with 9-bands EQ and time correction.
  • AV input/output for aftermarket subs/amps, etc.
  • Multimedia player by USB connectivity.
  • Reverse camera ready: Compatible with all aftermarket reverse cameras and VW factory reverse camera through the optional DVN-VCR-L (without Dynamic guidelines from VW original camera) or DVN-VCR-H adapter (with Dynamic guidelines from VW original camera).
  • Navigation software with 3D view and premium POI: the navigation map is included.


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Steering Wheel Control

The Dynavin system communicates perfectly with the multifunction steering wheel of your vehicle. This upgrade to Dynavin still allows you to control volume, telephone, track search (forwards / backwards) and other functions as usual. When a smartphone is connected to the system, you can even activate voice control such as “Siri” or “Google Assistant” via the steering wheel.

Multifunction Display (MFA)

The multi-function display (MFA) in the instrument cluster is connected to the Dynavin system and can display radio station names, ID3 tag from Media player, caller information, navigation information and compass (The navigation menu of the MFD need to be activated if you don’t have it in your car).

Air Condition Display

Dynavin Pro Platform gives you visual feedback for the driver and passenger temperature, air conditioning status, heated seat status, selected air vents and more. This screen appears after pressing the MENU button on HVAC panel (Only for vehicle with “Air Care Climatronic” air conditioning system).

Parking Sensors-Optical Parking System (OPS)

If your vehicle is equipped with factory parking sensors, this feature will also remain when you upgrade to the Dynavin system. Visual Parking Assist works with Acoustic Parking Assist to support the driver and detect obstacles in front of or behind the vehicle. In the detection field, the position of the obstacle is shown graphically on the display of the sound or media system. In addition to the front and rear sensors, the 4-side sensors are also shown on the display.

Reverse Camera

If your vehicle is equipped with the original reverse camera, this can also be supported by the Dynavin Pro System if you install the optional DVN-VCR-L (without Dynamic guidelines from VW original camera) or DVN-VCR-H adapter (with Dynamic guidelines from VW original camera). You can then see the guide lines in the reverse camera mode.

Compatible with Dynaudio Sound System

The Dynavin Pro Platform are compatible with the original VW Dynaudio sound system. All you need to do is to install the Dynavin Pro unit correctly, and the Dynaudio amplifier will work properly.

Works with Apple CarPlay

The Apple CarPlay is integrated into the Dynavin iLink Pro. Apple CarPlay allows you to use your iPhone while driving without having to pick it up. With Apple CarPlay, iPhone users have an incredibly intuitive solution on board to make calls, use maps, listen to music and use messages with just a word or the touch of a button. You can enjoy Spotify, Internet radio or podcasts while still fully concentrating on the traffic. Simply connect your CarPlay-enabled iPhone to the USB port of your Dynavin system and all functions are immediately available.

Works with Android Auto

The Android Auto is integrated into the Dynavin iLink Pro. Android Auto is a mobile app made by Google that connects your Android phone to your car’s touchscreen display allowing you to use your Android phone while driving without having to pick it up. With Android Auto, Android users have an incredibly intuitive solution to make calls, use maps, listen to music and use messages with just a word or the touch of a button. Simply connect your Android Auto-enabled Android phone to the USB port of your Dynavin system and all functions are immediately available.

DAB Included

DAB/DAB+ offers you an extremely accurate, transparent sound. For uninterrupted reception, the tuner offers DAB + to DAB + Service Following, SLS (text information accompanying the program), Radio VIS (station cover on your radio display) and other helpful information. the Dynavin Pro Platform can seamlessly switch between DAB/DAB+ and FM to create a continuous audio stream for the listener, especially in the car where radio reception conditions change every second. Using DVN27AA156 to connect VW factory DAB antenna connector to Dynavin DAB+ tuner.

Bluetooth Build in

The built-in Bluetooth module allows wireless connection of a mobile phone for hands-free communication. A very intuitive user interface makes operation extremely easy and you can use the onscreen keyboard to search for contacts. Bluetooth also allows audio streaming from a smartphone.

Use Your Smartphone

The Dynavin Pro Platform is fully compatible with the latest smartphones. This means that you can continue to use many of the advantages of these smartphones: You can simply enjoy digital content music that you have saved on your mobile phone on the display and charge your phone.

Customizable Start Screen

With our own operating system DynOS, you have the ability to change the start-up screen image and the stored radio stations images.

Fader and Balance

You can simply use the touchscreen to drag the crosshair to the desired location on the car interior image to make fader balance and time correction adjustments.

Equalizer Presets

The Dynavin Pro Platform offers extensive sound adjustment options to get the best out of your vehicle sound system and to adjust the sound to your taste and preferences. The built-in 9-band Parametric EQ allows separate adjustment for the front and rear channels with professional detail.

Source Setting

The source menu allows to you set the gain in different modes. So you won’t feel the volume is changing while you are switching between the different modes.

iGo Primo Europe navigation software

Navigation software with 3D view and premium POI: the navigation map is supplied. The software is on an 16 GB microSD card. The map material includes maps from 46 countries in Europe.

  • Display: 10.1-inch (LVDS)
  • Resolution 1024 x 600 pixels (RGB)
  • Capacitive touch screen
  • Anti-reflection display
  • Working system: TFT Active Matrix
  • Active area: 222.72 (H) x 125.28 (V) mm
iLink Pro
  • Works with Apple CarPlay
  • Works with Android Auto
  • Integrates with Steering wheel controls (activate voice/answer/hang up)
  • Firmware updatable
  • DAB/DAB+ Tuner included
  • DAB + to DAB + Service Compatible
  • Seamless Blending (automatic switching between DAB + and FM)
  • SLS (Slideshow Service)
  • DLS (Dynamic Label Service)
  • Radio VIS (station cover on your radio display)
  • Station memory: 10 program memory locations

Bluetooth Build in

  • Integrated Bluetooth module
  • Specification standard: 3.0sands2.1+EDR
  • -95dBm sensitivity, excellent anti-interference performance
  • Supports low-power scanning function
  • PBAP phonebook synchronization with 1000 entries
  • Hands-free function with HFP
  • Music streaming: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) compatible
  • Individual profile connection: hands-free function and music streaming
  • Phonebook: Automatic phonebook transfer
  • Supports dashboard display for caller alerts
  • Supports saving pairings for up to two mobile phones
  • Device name display
  • Call list: dialed number / received calls / missed calls
  • Speech volume setting: adjustable for incoming and outgoing calls
  • Microphone gain adjustable
  • Display of the GSM signal strength
  • Display of the battery charge level
  • GPS antenna included
  • GPS reception frequency 1,575.42 ± 1 MHz
  • GPS reception sensitivity -165 dB max
  • Positioning accuracy: 10 m, 2D RMS
  • Data update rate: 1 HZ
  • Recapture time: 0.1 s on average
  • USB specification: USB 2.0
  • Audio playback (supported formats: APE/FLAC/M4A/MP3/WMA/WAV)
  • Video playback (supported formats: MPEG-4/AVI/FLV/MPEG/MPG/DAT/VOB/MKV)
  • Image browsing (supported formats: JPG/BMP/PNG/JPEG)
  • Playback mode: random play / single song loop / all loop / folder loop
  • Picture can be set as starting screen
  • Sync song album images
  • Draggable progress bar
  • Video playback speed x2/ x4
  • Memory playback progress
  • Supports dashboard display of songs/composers
  • Supports steering wheel to control up/down song/volume level
  • File / Folder name search
  • Supports up to 256 GB USB storage device
  • Bluetooth audio streaming from cell phone
  • Display song title/lyrics/composer/vocalist
  • Steering wheel can control up/down song/volume level
  • Song title/lyrics can be displayed on the dashboard

Sound tuning
  • Maximum output power: 4 x 45 W
  • Adjustable subwoofer level
  • Subwoofer, Bass, Middle, Treble phase selectable
  • Equalizer Presets: Pop, Rock, Classical
  • 9-band parametric equalizer
  • Fader and balance
  • Digital time correction
  • FM frequency range: 87.5 – 108.0 MHz
  • AM frequency range: 530 – 1710 KHZ
  • FM Utility Sensitivity: -2 db
  • FM Stop Sensitivity: 22 db
  • AM stop sensitivity: 21 db
  • With left and right stereo channels
  • Signal to noise ratio: 56 db
  • APS automatic station storage stores 5 stations with the best signal on page 3
  • Manual station storage for 15 stations
  • RDS functions: AF, TA, broadcast text
  • Automatic station tracking function
  • High Cut high frequency attenuation function
  • Support for changing FM/AM memory station pictures
  • Optional radio antenna power on/off
  • Maps: 46 countries (Western and Eastern Europe)
  • Menu languages: 28 languages
  • TMC traffic radio
  • Advanced address search
  • Postcode search
  • Free search
  • Search with word pieces
  • Extended POI functions
  • Smart routes: use of historical traffic data
  • Fast route calculation
  • Extended route planning
  • Extended TMC mode
  • Map display: 2D top view, 2D north orientation, 3D
  • 3D city maps: 3D building views
  • Display of elevation profiles
  • 3D motorway junctions: 3D display of motorway junctions
  • Tunnel mode
  • Highway mode
  • Navi Mix mode
  • Direct dialing by telephone from POI data
  • Online Map Update via
  • Free map update after the first registration on
  • Power Output: 4 x 45 W High Power Amplifier
  • Advanced Power IC
  • Display: 10.1′′ Capacitive High-Resolution Display
  • 3 PreOuts (3 V, Front / Rear / Subwoofer)
  • AUX-In: 1x A/V AUX Input / 1x video Output
  • DAB / DAB+ tuner and DAB antenna included
  • CANBUS System Integration
  • Menu Language: English / Germany / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Dutch / Greek
  • Camera Connection & Built-in Controls for Dynavision Multi-View Cameras / compatible with factory camera
  • Camera Guideline Adjustment
  • Rear-view Camera Display Automatic / Fast Boot-up
  • 9-Band EQ
  • Auto Dimmer
  • Firmware Updatable
  • Engine Start-Stop unaffected
  • Customizable multi-function physical button
  • File management : copy / paste / delete / view

Display Screen

Main Head Unit

Radio Wiring Harness

DAB/DAB+ Tuner and DAB Antenna

GPS Antenna


OEM-Style Microphone

Audio Output Cable

AUX-in Cable

Reverse Input Cable

iLink Pro USB Dongle

Fascia Panel For Touran

Connection Cable

Metal Bracket

Fish Tape and Panel Removing Tool

Navigation SD Card

User Manual