Fiat Ducato 250/251 ab 2006
Citroen Jumper II 250/250D/250L ab 2006
Peugeot Boxer II 250/251 ab 2006


Suitable for

Fiat Ducato 250/251 from 2006, Citroën Jumper II 250/250D/250L from 2006, Peugeot Boxer II 250/251 from 2006



  • High-resolution 22.8 cm (9") capacitive touchscreen
  • Resolution 1024 x 600 pixel
  • Anti-reflexion display
  • Smartphone connection via iLink Pro (adapter not included in the delivery)
  • DAB+ digital radio
  • Incl. IR remote control
  • Hands-free system
  • BT audio streaming with external BT speakers possible (OBD adapter optional)
  • Unit can be operated for up to 2 hours without ignition
  • FM RDS TMC radio with DSP noise reduction and 15 available presets in FM
  • DSP sound processor with EQ, time correction and 4V pre-out
  • Rear view camera and DVB-T2 ready
  • AV Input/Output
  • USB/SD card connection
  • Made for iPhone iPad
  • Incl. navigation software iGO Primo Truck TTS with camping and parking spaces

EN Installation service

We recommand that you have the system installed by a specialist dealer.
Use our installation service everywhere in Germany!

Article number: N7-DCIX Pro

Note: supplied without climate control unit

EN N7 Nutzen Sie unseren Einbauservice

We recommand that you have the system installed by a specialist dealer.

Use our installation service everywhere in Germany!

EN Caravan Diversity Titel

DAB+ and diversity system

EN Caravan Diversity Text

Thanks to the diversity function, you can use the OEM diversity function, as installed in the Audi for example, without an additional adapter. Thanks to the double FAKRA connections, you can also use OEM FAKRA antennas directly from the vehicle.

EN Capacitive Touchscreen Titel

Capacitive touchscreen and anti-reflexion display

EN Capacitive Touchscreen Text

The N7 Pro car stereos have a capacitive touch screen. Here, only one touch is sufficient to perform an action. Capacitive touch panels are scratch resistant and intuitive to use. Thanks to the anti-reflective display, you can still see what's on the device even in bright sunlight.

EN Freie Taste Titel

Freely assignable hardware function key

EN Freie Taste Text

The key is located on the front of the radio. It allows you to control any function. You can replace the function of this key with another function at any time.

EN Smartphone Anbinbung Titel

Smartphone connectivity

EN Smartphone Anbinbung Text

The iLink Pro function allows you to pair your iPhone or Android smartphone with the radio. You can then control the supported apps directly from the radio. To use iLink Pro, you must connect your smartphone to the radio via USB. For a more detailed description of how to get started, please refer to the user guide.

EN Lichtsensor Titel

Light sensor for more convenience

EN Lichtsensor Text

The light sensor measures the ambient light and, if selected in the system settings, can adjust the brightness of the display to the ambient conditions.

EN DSP Titel

DSP settings


The N7 software offers many possibilities to adjust the sound individually. Not only are the sound schemes preset for you, you can also balance all settings individually.

EN Schnelles Starten Titel

Lightning-fast start

EN Schnelles Starten Text

Improved communication with the vehicle via the CAN bus allows the car radio to start and start booting when the vehicle is opened. This means that when the car is started, the navigation device can already be ready for operation. The N7 platform has been equipped with an additional function: the radio can be switched on again after removing the ignition key and thus opening the ignition contact.
This follow-up time is 15 minutes.

EN Startlogo Titel

Start logo

EN Startlogo Text

With our own operating system DynOS you have the possibility to add logos to the start screen or the stored radio stations. To do this, you take pictures of the logos or your own pictures and save them on an SD card. By naming the images, the system recognises which logo belongs to which station and automatically calls them up. This is also possible for the start screen.

EN Caravan DVBT Erweiterung Titel

DVB-T2 extension

EN Caravan DVBT Erweiterung Text

You can add the DVB-T2 function to the device. This is connected externally to the car radio. The extension can be controlled directly via the touchscreen.

iGo Primo Navi Software

iGo Primo Europe navigation software

The navigation system ist supplied with the iGO Primo navigation software.
The software is stored on a 8 GB MicroSD card.
The map material includes maps from 46 countries in Europe.

Dynavin Navigationssoftware igo Primo

Dynavin Navigationssoftware igo Primo

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